COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Announcement

Important COVID-19 Vaccination Notice:
Deaconess Henderson in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Health who is overseeing the COVID-19 vaccination process, is now offering vaccination appointments for Kentucky patients ages 70 and above. Please follow the link below to access more information and learn how to schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 Vaccine.…/Henderson-COVID-Vaccine-Clinic

Owensboro Health is beginning to vaccinate the next eligible community members. If you are age 70 or older and would like to receive a vaccination, call to schedule an appointment, 270-685-7100, option #5. At this time, we are not able to accommodate walk-in vaccinations.
Please see their Facebook page for the latest Vaccine information from them:

Important announcement for Bluegrass Internal Medicine Patients

We would like to take some time and address the changes at BIM that will be occurring to help provide our patients  and employees with the safest possible environment during the current state of emergency due to Coronavirus.  We know that for many of our patients skipping appointments could lead to a deterioration of their medical conditions or crowding of local urgent cares and the Emergency Room, and want to do all we can to continue to provide quality care to those who absolutely need it, while being responsible and cautious in the efforts we need to take to minimize the possible spread of Coronavirus. 

Upon arrival to BIM you will be screened prior to registration for fever and respiratory symptoms and recent airline travel.  If there is deemed to be a concern for your condition you will be instructed to return to your car and will be contacted by one of the providers or nurses.  At that time further instructions will be given, which will be to either reschedule your appointment for a later time, a referral to Owensboro Health’s Coronavirus screening hotline at 877-888-6647, or if deemed appropriate will be seen by your provider.

Once inside you will notice we have arranged our waiting area so patients will be able to maintain a safe distance from each other while waiting for their appointments.  We also will only be allowing the patient back for their visit, unless they are elderly or require a chaperone for other reasons. This once again is to keep you, the patient, in the safest environment possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience, but ask that any visitors with you remain in their vehicles.

We will also be implementing, when possible, services to be provided outside of the building such as outdoor visits for patients in our opioid compliance program and simple procedures such as injections and protimes for patients who are high risk or unable to come into the office.  Please understand this may not always be possible but we will make every effort to accommodate you when able.

Furthermore, Telemedicine (FaceTime) visits are now available as Medicare and insurance allows for patients who are high risk or feel that this will serve their needs best, please call 270-685-1066 to schedule your Telemedicine visit.

We appreciate your patience during this difficult time and hope you understand that all of these efforts are to keep our patients as safe and healthy as possible, which is always our ultimate goal.


BIM Physicians and Staff